"...how beautiful I am,"

Click Away 2016 led me to meet another friend, and an incredibly talented birth photographer, local to the Seattle area. We made the time to steal away a few minutes just after the conference ended to create these images in the hotel room window light. Sometimes, and just when it is needed,  taking a risk, and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone can yield beautiful and authentic results.

Along with the few images we were able to capture in that time, I am humbled by and would love to share Bonnie's beautiful words, they have stayed with me for days:

"There are still so many thoughts surrounding #clickaway2016 and I'm still processing this weekend... but if there's one thing I've never been more sure about it is that you have to step outside your comfort zone.... Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. One thing I love about this craft is it allows us to see the world, and sometimes even ourselves, through the eyes of another... and that to me is everything. I've never liked having my picture made, but this... Good Lord I just can't get over how beautiful I am. @cgonzalezphotography said she had this image in her head all weekend, and I'm so glad we made this happen before I had to head home." - Bonnie Hussey