Jennie, Andrew, and Heidi - Boca Raton Maternity Photographer

Surrounded by love, enveloped by light, strengthened through faith.

Jennie and Andrew have graciously allowed me to share some of my favorite images from their sunlit maternity session. If you are not familiar with this beautiful young family, please read a few words I shared along with their first image on social media:

Last week I shared a stunning sunset with one of the sweetest young families I have ever met. Jennie and Andrew are expecting a beautiful baby girl, Heidi Elizabeth. Their daughter, Heidi, has been diagnosed with full Trisomy 18. Jennie has shared her family's story on her blog, Heidi's Song, please follow the link to read Jennie's story in her own words. 

The love Jennie and Andrew share and have for their little girl radiates, it truly shines. It is in this loving spirit, that they have been led to share their journey, to help raise awareness for Trisomy 18 and the value of each and every life. 

Jennie and Andrew have created a page where they are fundraising and collecting donations to help with Heidi's medical expenses.

Two weeks after I shared the first image from their sunlit maternity session, Heidi has made it to the third trimester. This is a milestone that Jennie and Andrew have made sure to celebrate. 

We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.
— Hebrews 6:19